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This exceedingly well-written tribute to Amelia Earhart portrays her as a true American Hero.

Col. Walter Boyne (USAF, ret.), former director of the National Air and Space Museum, New York Times bestselling author


Lori Van Pelt, without doubt, is one of the country's finest storytellers.

WC Jameson, past president of Western Writers of America, and author of BEATING THE DEVIL

Featured on C-SPAN'S "Book TV in Cheyenne" as part of the 2014 Cities Tour! For more information, visit
Capital Characters of Old Cheyenne


Dreamers and Schemers Series, Volume II


Early Cheyenne, Wyoming, was jam-packed with fascinating people both famous and infamous. Van Pelt writes 24 biographies ranging from water law pioneer Elwood Mead to champion cowgirl Prairie Rose Henderson.


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