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American Heroes: Amelia Earhart


Trade Paperback

One of three books in the nation named to the New York Public Library's "Best Books for the Teen Age 2006."


"Amelia Earhart: The Sky's No Limit should be on everybody's reading list, for it reminds us of just how brave America's 'Lady Lindy' was ... Lori Van Pelt succeeds in capturing Amelia's personality as well as those of the many celebrities who surrounded her. This exceedingly well-written tribute to Amelia Earhart portrays her as a true American Hero."

—Col. Walter Boyne (USAF, ret.), former director of the National Air and Space Museum, New York Times bestselling author.


Ankle High and Knee Deep

ISBN: 978-0762792115

Colicky horses, trucks high-centered in pastures, late nights spent in barns birthing calves--the trials and tribulations of farm and ranch life are as central to its experience as amber waves of grain and Sunday dinners at the ranch house. Ankle High and Knee Deep collects together essays about lessons learned by ranch women, cowgirls, and farmers about what they’ve learned while standing in or stepping out of “mud, manure, and other offal” in their day to day lives on the land. This collection of entertaining and inspirational voices offers unique perspectives on relationships, loss, love, marriage, and parenting and other universal issues. These are contemporary accounts of women struggling to keep a lifestyle intact, recollections of childhoods spent in open spaces, and tales of overcoming obstacles--inspirational reading for city dwellers and country folk, alike. 


Pecker's Revenge: and Other Stories from the Frontier's Edge

University of New Mexico Press


Fourteen stories of colorful western characters and how they are transformed.


The title story received the 2006 Western Writers of America Spur Award for Best Short Fiction.


"Lori Van Pelt handles words with the precision and delicacy of a surgeon. Add PECKER'S REVENGE to that list of books you'll take with you to a desert island." Former WWA president and Spur Award-winning author, Loren D. Estleman, author of THE UNDERTAKER'S WIFE.


"Crisp writing, coupled with clever twists, make PECKER'S REVENGE the finest collection of short stories to come along in years. Lori Van Pelt, without doubt, is one of the country's finest storytellers."--WC Jameson, past president of Western Writers of America, and author of BEATING THE DEVIL.


"In a time when short story markets are few and far between and short story writing seems a lost art Lori Van Pelt is a breath of fresh air. Whatever made her turn her talents to the short fiction form we should all be grateful she did. I bought two of her stories for my anthologies because I found her to be a talented writer as well as a compelling and evocative story teller. I think you'll agree with me when you've read this collection." Robert J. Randisi, editor of WHITE HATS and BLACK HATS

Capital Characters of Old Cheyenne


Dreamers and Schemers Series, Volume II


Early Cheyenne, Wyoming, was jam-packed with fascinating people both famous and infamous. Van Pelt writes 24 biographies ranging from water law pioneer Elwood Mead to champion cowgirl Prairie Rose Henderson.

Dreamers & Schemers


Dreamers and Schemers profiles thirty-one fascinating individuals, each of whom in some way contributed to Carbon County's history and made an impact on Wyoming history as well. Among those included are Lillian Heath, Wyoming's first female physician, "Gee-String" Jack, a famous area freighter, Alkali Ike, whose relationship with alcohol moved him "close to the spirit realm," Big Nose George, a notorious outlaw who was hanged by vigilantes and dissected by doctors, John Osborne, governor who wore shoes made of the outlaw's skin, and Joe Rankin, a western Paul Revere and courageous marshal. Journey to the 1860s through the early 1900s to learn more about their "dreams and schemes."


"...a wonderful addition to your Wyoming history library."

—Candy Moulton, THE FENCE POST

Livin' On Jacks and Queens


Legendary western writer and noted anthologist Robert J. Randisi offers up a winning hand with fourteen never-before-published tales of the Old West, each revolving around the central theme of gambling. Among the stories you can expect to be dealt here you’ll find Jacks or Better by Johnny Boggs; A Cold Deck by Phil Dunlap; The Reckoning by Randy Lee; Eickhoff; It Takes a Gambler by Jerry Guin; Odds on a Lawman by Christine Matthews; Pay the Ferryman by Matthew P. Mayo; White Face, Red Blood by Rod Miller; Hazard by Nik Morton; Acey Deucy by John Nesbitt; The Mark of an Imposter: An Evelyn Page/Calvin Carter Adventure by Scott Parker; Horseshoe and Pistols by Robert J. Randisi; Too Many Aces by Charlie Steel; Missouri Boat Race by Chuck Tyrell; and The Legend of ‘Blind Ned’ Baldwin by Lori Van Pelt


Outlaws and Lawmen

ISBN: 978-0978563493

Lori Van Pelt's short story "The Day Delgado Rode In," appears in this collection, and it was a 2013 Finalist in the Best Western Short Fiction category of the Western Writers of America Spur Awards competition!

La Frontera Publishing presents Outlaws and Lawmen, a collection of the latest fictional short stories about the Old West from America's newest Western writers. Sit back and enjoy great short story fiction from today's storytellers, the authors who may become tomorrow's Western literature giants, with an introduction from award-winning Western author Johnny Boggs.


Cattle rustlers, claim jumpers, bank robbers, card sharks, brutes, thieves, and those who would kill you just as soon as look at you. America's West saw it all, and many a frontier boom town grew faster than the law could keep a handle on it. But there were men who would try, the men who pinned on a badge and brought justice to a Wild West.


Stories of the struggle between good and evil became the West's legends. Names such as Butch Cassidy, John Wesley Hardin, Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and others such as Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Pat Garrett--all grew larger than life.


The legends live on, as do those frontier struggles, now told by America's new Western writers.


Another Wild West

Trade Paperback / eBook

Includes Lori Van Pelt's short story "Sign of the Times"


Another Wild West... an anthology of alternative history short fiction. Includes twelve short stories: Not for Sale by Rob Rosen, The Bloodhound and the Magician by Charles Moulton, Executioner by Edward Massey, Bloody Kansas by Glen Singer, Perfect Hindsight by H.J. Hill, Galveston by Jackson Kuhl, Sign of the Times by Lori Van Pelt, The Humbling by Paul Starkey, Star Scratcher's Catch by Richard Holinger, The Pecos Stop by Robert Neilson, Peacemaker by Spencer Carvalho and Abraham West by Toni Denis. Experience the Wild West all over again... like you never have before!

How the West Was Wicked

Trade Paperback / eBook

Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts


Includes Lori Van Pelt's short story "The Brandt Street Bandit"


A collection of weird and wicked Western short stories, featuring established and up-and-coming writers. Includes the following: A Shot of Whiskey and Four-Fifths of a Full House by Shane McKenzie, Sweet Sally and a Ghost Named Jim by Jaleta Clegg, From Dust by Wesley Dylan Gray, Night Walker by Mark Wise, Sticks and Stones by A.M. Burns, Soiled Doves by Heather Whittington, ...And the Horse You Rode in On by Timothy Friend, Diamonds in the Sky by Jason S. Ridler, Sisters, Arizona by Peter Giglio, The Devil's Sport by Alexis Hunter, Swamp Gas by Scott T. Goudsward, Shafts to Hell by Jeff Chapman, The Not So O.K. Corral by Rob Rosen, Little China by John M. Whalen, Lucifer's Song by Timothy Miller, Use Yer Brains by Colby Elliott, Ouroburos by Joseph Ferguson, Dead Mule Crossing by O.M. Grey, The Hanging Tree by Matt Kurtz, No More West by Ray Cluley, The Reluctant Wanderer by J. Lloyd Morgan, The Brandt Street Bandit by Lori Van Pelt, The Bone Orchard by Kris Triana, Dust by Brett B. Johnson & Consumption by Indy McDaniel

Ghost Towns

Edited by Russell Davis and Martin H. Greenberg


Includes Lori Van Pelt's short story "End of the Line."


The sound of a crowded saloon ... The cry of a train coming through the night... The pounding of horses ridden by friends or foe... From the searing sun to snow-steeped winters, towns called Sentinel, Iron Mountain and St. Elmo stood strong and fierce—before they finally died. Now, these ghost towns return to life under the spell of such great Western tale-tellers as Louis L'Amour, Elmer Kelton, William W. Johnstone, Bill Brooks, Loren D. Estleman, Johnny D. Boggs and New York Times bestseller Margaret Coel. From a soldier on the run from the fires of war... From a gambler who has long since played his last hand to a solitary, singing rifle man protecting a besieged town ... With dreamers and schemers, with men and women of courage, conscience and faith, here is an unforgettable round-up of astounding adventures fueled by a passion for the West the way it really was—and the way it lives on forever...

Open Range: Poetry of the Reimagined West


This formidable collection of contemporary poetry embraces the West of personal conviction. WC Jameson and Laurie Wagner Buyer have assembled the work of twenty writers, whose poems compellingly and memorably represent the modern West. Open Range: Poetry of the Remained West recalls those who have lived and those who live now, revealing tension and harmony between psychological and geographic landscapes. This collection embodies an authentic, unadulterated spirit.

Lost Trails


2008 Western Writers of America Spur Finalist in Best Western Short Fiction for "The Wild-Eyed Witness," by Lori Van Pelt, published in LOST TRAILS (Pinnacle, 2007).


They are the stuff of legend, thundering out of the harsh landscapes and stunning vistas of the American West, vividly lodged in our collective imaginations. From Buffalo Bill to Billy the Kid, from Cochise to Jesse James, these names and so many others screamed across newspaper and dime store magazine headlines while theWild West was won. Lost Trails features inventive, hard-riding, action-packed stories by America's best Western writers. Louis L'Amour, Elmer Kelton, William W. Johnstone, Loren Estleman, Johnny Boggs, Don Coldsmith, Lori Van Pelt and many more, share tales of the legends born out of the wild frontier.

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